Leadership Training Programs

We offer high-impact programs for executives, senior management teams, business organizations, and family systems. Knowing what development program you need and would value for the rest of your life may not be an easy choice. Ask yourself:

Where are you now in your learning and change efforts as a leader?
Are your current leadership practices congruent with your innermost drives, values, and your perception of your highest self?
Have you successfully used your earlier knowledge to adapt your repertoire of skills to your particular team and organization’s culture?

High Impact Leadership Program – Our Flagship 3-Day Program

The High Impact Leadership Program (HILP) is our flagship concentrated study in senior executive decision-making, self-awareness and self-management skills, change and transition leadership, and effective communication strategies.  It is solidly grounded on delivering results for both the individual and organization through an original suite of frameworks and tools designed to develop the leader’s situational awareness, humanistic perceptiveness, and Personal Presence®.  The skills gained through the HILP are based on universal principles but delivered in a personal rather than generic way, equipping all human types in your organization to flourish under high-performance demands with their own brand of leadership.

High Impact Coaching

Graduates of the HILP can continue their personal development through our High Impact Coaching program with Jane Hundley, M.A. Clients continue to develop Personal Presence® skills applied in critical work situations, becoming able to think, feel, sense, act, and inspire people around them.  Executives, managers, and individual contributors engage us as accountability partners as they pursue their goals and advance their professional ambitions.  High Impact coaching is for those who wish to raise their awareness levels, attention and concentration skills, self-management, and mindfulness while advancing towards their personal mission. Clients increase their value while gaining more personal benefits and work inner life (WIL) satisfaction. High impact coaching equips leaders at all levels and in every part of their lives with the mindsets and tools needed to succeed.

Organizational Culture Change

Building culture is a core skill of a strong and passionate leader.  Positive cultures are built by individuals whose impact permeates across multiple teams. True ‘learning organizations’ create development-oriented cultures where loyalties of expert knowledge workers are maintained and creative work flourishes.  Executives and Managers must learn to be cultural leaders, while building their companies, in order to perfect the product or service they deliver.  That’s why everyone involved in team-based knowledge work today must be a leader, and first be able to self-lead.  Without losing our singular focus on the individual change-leader, we offer training and interventions in essential leadership skills targeting cultural change for teams and companies, with special support for executive teams.

eCoaching Gaining More Self Awareness Learning Online

Our new IMI eLearning program: Gaining Self Awareness with Personal Presence takes your leadership development to a new level with combined self coaching and coach assisted learning in SAW -Self Awareness Work. A true innovation for leadership development, our eLearning programs help clients fully own their own growth trajectory in a self-paced, immediately relevant and in-depth personal learning environment. Your eCourse is an intentional learning space to engage concepts and put them into action, as well as frame and track and frame both high and low leadership experiences. Clients gain self awareness through a deeper and fresh look at their Paradoxical Thinking Dynamics peculiar to them as individuals that boosts their abilities to maintain present moment awareness and presence under fire which increases the ability to be creative and collaborative.

Executive Thinking Skills

Underlying all practical activities are the leader’s functional cognitive capacities and skills.  Our leadership of others is as much limited by our brain power as by our self-leadership, our self-knowledge, and our breadth of thinking skills when under pressure.  Our Cognitive Processing Development for Executives and Athletes is more than unique – there is no program available like it – just ask to be referred to our top of their class clients. The Think Smarter Not Harder Program created by innovator and Founder, Hal Katernick.  Action centered learning modules isolates individual cognitive strengths and weaknesses, then exercises your brain ‘as if it were a muscle’. We see remarkable, even amazing, increases in personal levels of concentration, focus, attention control, thinking speed, executive control, learning speed, mistake recovery, and awareness. This leadership training program is highly beneficial to leaders and athletes who wish to improve their attention management, concentration, focus, learning speed, awareness, presence and control under pressure.

Leadership in Family Systems

The impact of positive personal development on just one person in a system is significant.  Your family of origin is your original team – understanding its dynamics and your role clearly is a powerful step to maintaining your family’s strengths.  Many of the executives and managers who undergo our High Impact Leadership training program and Coaching programs experience profound transformations in their family lives.  All of our leadership development modules, notably the Personal Presence® method, are transferable and integral to the pursuit of a better and more enriching family system.

Please write Jane Hundley, M.A. about your family or partnership’s needs.