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    "I use the work I did in Jane's training and coaching in every aspect of my life: my business career, my marriage and family, and sports performance. Even after many years, I still use this training at least once a week."

    M.P. Executive Vice President
    Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems
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    "The secret sauce here is seeing clearly through to your behaviors during different states, as well as how people see you and perceive you at different times. My learning about how triggers manifest themselves in my behavior as well as their impact on others was huge. Jane’s approach to getting to the little things that are so big was direct and delivered with compassion at the same time. I recommend this to friends and co-workers as an effective way to improve themselves."

    K.D.T. Director
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    "I had a strong intuitive sense that Jane was good. She was better than that. I've gone through 4 or 5 leadership programs before and this one was way more personal and directed to me individually."

    G.D. Ph.D. V.P. & General Manager Intellectual Ventures Laboratory
    Intellectual Ventures Lab
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    “I learned how to be more present and more effective during stress situations. The feedback in this program was very relevant and helpful. I was built up and given tools to work with on a personal level as a leader. It was very energizing!”

    A. C. President
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    "Jane has a natural and very impressive ability to "see" into any situation and provide insight and coaching that is relevant and action oriented. In most cases, she is able to accomplish this in a single conversation making her an incredible resource in the fast paced world of today. She has made me a better leader, a better consultant, and a better husband and father to my family. I continue to rely on Jane as a key partner in advancing my business and my personal life."

    J.S. CEO

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High Impact Leadership Programs for Leaders, Executives and Teams

Jane Hundley, M.A.Welcome to Impact Management, Inc. 

At IMI, We help leaders and managers at every stage of their careers.  Our main focus and core competency is leadership development of senior staff, managers, and their direct reports. Our clients are valued leaders of senior development teams, new managers, seasoned executives, and professionals seeking highly personalized and engaging strategies that boost personal and organizational development. We provide highly engaging learning formats that rapidly raise leadership awareness and develop people-related acumen.

If you have reached out to us, regardless of your stage in life and career, your performance is likely critical to your company and your organization’s success.


  • Use the Personal Presence® model, language and method to inspire and focus leadership thinking and action for sustainable, bottom-line advantage.
  • Apply leadership learning in personally meaningful ways to raise awareness, personal accountability and work inner life (WIL)satisfaction.
  • Live and work with enhanced leadership effectiveness, using new thinking skills in minimizing unproductive activity.
  • Implement leadership insight and acumen to achieve extraordinary results with and through others.

We explore leadership development needs with a unique approach to personal development that has been successful for many years. We look forward to discussing objectives with you, your team, and your company.

Whether you are new to IMI coaching programs, or already a graduate of our flagship training, the High Impact Leadership Program with our robust learning experience and eCourse in Gaining Self Awareness with Personal Presence®: Understanding Your Reactions So You Can Manage Them Best!

It is never the wrong time to gain more self awareness. That said, our clients who are under the highest pressure to perform, grow, change and transform themselves and their teams…while making their unique impact on the world, seek us out the most. Leaders and individuals in the workforce today are often on a rapid self and other learning trajectory where they need to be able to effectively draw from within fresh and new insights that help them address the many, often complex problems and opportunities being faced today.

I look forward to being a part of your success!


Jane Hundley, M.A. Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology
High Impact Master Coach
Founder of Personal Presence®,Inc and Training Method.
President of Impact Management, Inc.