Continual Leadership Learning for Individuals and Teams

Even organizational leaders who have invested many resources into leadership development, still find they have difficulty consistently applying the knowledge and skills they have learned in training programs.

They have difficulty translating their learning into tools they can use all the time.

Some tools are strategically beneficial to certain situations, particular people management situations,  the climate and culture of the company, and stages of team development.

Where are you in your effort for change?

Have you been able to use your earlier knowledge to build tools that work for your particular culture?  What exercises work best?

How can other get involved to use and learn them too?

Our eCourse is an individual to team work space where leaders can keep problem-solving and decision notebooks while conducting skill building exercises and practicing new tools at work with their teams on the most relevant problems.  People-related issues are also well framed for learning discussion and dialogue techniques, and be able to contribute their thoughts to a coach and members of their organizational team.