Client Testimonials

More exceptional testimonials from our dedicated and diverse clientele.

In the four months since taking Jane’s seminar, my life has changed dramatically. I have experienced several seminars which were designed to help individuals achieve success in both their professional and personal lives. Your seminar, however, was the first one in which I felt completely involved on a very personal level. The small group size and your personal involvement created an atmosphere which allowed introspection at a level I had not achieved before. Getting to the core of my own limiting belief system on an objective yet emotional level has enabled me to successfuly reach my goals. Jane’s program has truly been a great breakthrough for me.

K.B.Regional Representative

Knowing how you react to situations and developing some simple tools in communication makes you more effective. I have greatly improved in my ability to spot my triggers and stay in control. This program is very personalized and directed. Jane has a good handle on how to deliver messages that need to be heard. What I like most is this process is the simple way to break things down so they are more easily thought about and communicated. This has helped me more quickly assess a situation and frees up more attention, and gives more time for a positive response.

G.D.V.P. of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab

I learned how to be more present and more effective during high stress situations. The feedback in this program was very relevant, helping me quickly recognize when I was slipping into old communication patterns instead of staying focused on the situation and people in front of me. I was built up and given tools that help me on a personal level be a better leader. It was very energizing!

A.C.PresidentMoneyTree, Inc.

I sent 5 of my direct reports to the High Impact Leadership Program with Jane Hundley, and I have never seen anything like this kind of change over my whole career. Each one of my staff has come individually to my office and reported their issues with other departments, how they have addressed and resolved these issues in a positive manner, and I haven’t had to be involved. This training rates a 10 out of 10 in the impact it has made on my people related to their individualized rapid improvement in people relations, cooperation and productivity.

D.M.Director of Operations, Astronics AES (2007)

The weekend I spent in Jane’s program has completely re-focused my life. Her Personal Presence® training has offered me a whole new way to understand how to use my creative energies to accomplish the very long list of mission-critical issues I have to deal with in my work every day. In my 40 years on this earth, I have never met a person that has helped as much as you have – and you did it in 48 hours! You gave me a chance to examine my own foundations on which I have built my life. In a non-threatening environment, you helped me to make my own decisions on how to restructure my way of being ‘present.’ (And if you are reading this and thinking if it will be worthwhile – believe me it will! We all carry a ‘Basic Limiting Thought’ within us.) Thank you Jane for your dedication to reviving the human spirit.

T.R.V.P. of Sales & Marketing

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best coaching and training I’ve ever had.

J.D.Senior Team Leader Engineer, Aerojet

I have been to approximately 100-200 seminars during my 26-year career. Only three (3) stand out as those which actually affected my management style and improved my skills significantly. Yours is one of them.

H.L.Chief Executive Officer, Unit Process Company (1997)

What I learned about myself in this program I still use everyday after 8 years, and I now realize that the greatest problems I’ve had as a businessman have been linked to the core learnings I received in this program.

P.A.Chief Executive Officer, Wizards of the Coast

Jane’s program was truly outstanding. It was highly personalized on a very strong conceptual base. Jane’s feedback was insightful, present, and outstanding, reflecting years of experience with many people and a strong understanding of a complex model.

T.L.Chairman, Vistage (2007)

After 18 months, I still use the skills and knowledge I learned in Jane’s training often and have since achieved the business outcomes I needed. I’m more comfortable with my boss, my peers, and my subordinates because of the awareness I gained with Jane.


In my business, construction, I need the right tools for each project. Without the right tools I cannot get all the necessary pieces to fit together. Personal Presence® gave me the tools that I needed to enhance my business skills and face the obstacles in my professional and personal life. I cannot thank you enough for designing and facilitating a program that has been vital to my professional and personal growth.


Jane’s program facilitated an amazing personal discovery of my limiting thoughts and actions that will make me more successful personally and professionally. The overall learning experience was outstanding. This was of the best training courses I’ve ever taken. I would recommend Jane and her program to anyone.

M.R.Operations, Astronics AES (2012)

Jane’s program has helped me think more clearly about what can get me off track mentally and how to quickly regain my composure. Emotionally, I discovered things I have been engaging with for years, and I think I have found answers. Understanding Jane’s Personal Presence® method will allow me to be more effective in anything I do. Jane gave outstanding feedback. The process of extracting my innermost thought patterns was fascinating. I have been trying to figure out why I do certain things for many years, and Jane got to the heart of it in a little over an hour. Overall, Jane’s program is both outstanding and unique.

M.T.Quality Assurance, Astronics AES (2012)

The number one thing that has happened from Jane’s program is that I’ve been given the tools to look at myself clearly and understand what causes me to react and feel the way I do in stressful situations. The number two item that is important is that people in our company who have had extreme difficulty relating to each other have become a coherent group being able to communicate, share, and support each other while working as a team. It has happened in a very short period of time following Jane’s seminar. Personally, I have overome feelings and reactions that I thought would be a life struggle for me. Your program is one of the best investments that our company has ever made. I can’t say enough about how encouraged I am at this point in my life for myself and for our company as a whole.

A.S.V.P., Bell Anderson Insurance (1995)

The learning experience Jane provided was outstanding. I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything new, but I did! I’ve become a believer and strong advocate of her Personal Presence® model and continue to be so. This program is what I was wanting. Jane, thank you so much. This has enhanced my professional and personal relationships.

I.M.Director of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2011)

Jane’s feedback during the first two days of her program was outstanding: no one has ever ‘peeled the layers of the onion’ on me like that before. It has certainly provided a self-awareness I’ve never had. Mrs. Hundley knows what she’s doing. I hope someday the entire company can take advantage of this insight.

K.C.Blue Origin, LLC (2011)

I now understand my behavior and what drives me better. I really see the value this understanding can have in my personal life. I can see the value of keeping the team and others engaged. I can also see the benefits to productivity in getting discussions and projects moving again. I am taking away more than I expected from this training. I anticipate this learning will be beneficial in the rest of my life, both business and personal. The program exceeded my expectations.

D.W.Director of Finance, Astronics AES (2011)

I believe that Personal Presence® will inspire confidence in me and allow me to lead important cultural changes. Jane’s program was eye-opening in terms of self-awareness and the ‘root cause’ of negative performance issues. The open communication she facilitated among our team will easily carry over into the work environment and build a stronger team. I can’t wait to begin practicing Jane’s method and make a difference.

S.L.Safety, Blue Origin, LLC (2011)

The quality of Jane’s feedback was outstanding. She went out of the way to give me personal attention, and I loved the fact that she could ‘read’ me and know me and then take that to a positive mode.

C.L.BodyWork (2010)

The learning experience Jane provided was absolutely amazing, eye opening, and life changing. I am more aware of what I want from life and how to handle situations better.


This training has been the most effective and immediately practical application of communication and management skills that IMMUNEX has ever had.

M.C.Senior V.P. of Sales Training, Immunex

I’ve never been to anything like this training. Jane’s program has been life changing in just two days! It was so simple, yet so deep. Amazing.

K.W.Quality Assurance, Astronics AES (2009)

Jane’s feedback was outstandingly direct, personalized, and very applicable to my work situation. I wish I had attended the class earlier. Prior to taking the class, I had no idea how clear the steps I need to take to improve my work life would be.


I am so fortunate that I have had the chance to work with Jane over the past few months. It was a rare opportunity. The methods I learned from her will be used for years to come. Jane, you’re a class act, and keep up the good work you do for this company, you have made a difference!

J.C.Aerojet (2007)

I thought I knew everything about myself, and was shocked when I learned things I was sensing but was not able to articulate.  Even though I was skeptical at first (since I thought I knew everything about myself), I think every manager should go through this eye-opening experience. Jane’s program was outstanding because it is so easy to apply and its effect could be felt even during the exercises. She’s enabled me to have a new tool that will help me in the future.

B.S.Astronics AES (2007)

Jane’s feedback was outstanding: I wish I had Jane available to help with issues on a regular basis. I am impressed by what can occur over a mere three days. Most training does not accomplish as much. It is amazing how true it is that once we understand what motivates each of us and that we can admire those motivations, how many barriers to communication go away. Jane’s program takes self-awareness in interactions to the next level.

M.S.Operations, Aerojet (2007)

Jane’s Personal Presence® method has really helped bring me out of some growing tendencies on the job that were counterproductive and self-destructive. The learning experience was excellent and the motivation to change it has given me is outstanding. I received honest feedback from peers and direct reports that I never would have had until it was too late. Jane’s own feedback was very helpful and well delivered. For me, the High Impact Leadership Program has been extremely positive and useful.

B.H.National Specialty Underwriters (2008)

Working with Jane and her program has been very rewarding professionally and personally. In my position as President I have found that I am in the ‘spot light.’ Jane’s ability to identify my ‘personal truth’ has greatly improved my self-confidence and presence. My company’s last Board meeting, for example, was a complete success: I felt more empowered, present, and confident. According to our Chairman of the Board it was ‘the best Board meeting you have held.’ If all your future clients receive as much positive influence as I have from your programs, Jane, they and you will be very successful in the years ahead.


To say Jane’s program was helpful, insightful, and worthwhile to both my personal and professional life, would all be understatements. I definitely feel clearer about what my life goals are and how to go about achieving them. The feelings and understandings of personal empowerment seem to grow stronger every day and I find this a very satisfying state of mind.

C.E.D.Priority Management (1993)

With over 20 years experience selling for a living, I have been exposed to and subjected to the whole gamut of sales training. I have learned more in 3 hours with you than in all that training combined! If every company utilized your simple methods, especially the listening skills, the ‘sales process’ would be much more pleasant and profitable. Yours was a wonderful, enriching experience.

D.B.S.President, (1992)

Personally, I feel more confident and more engaging after Jane’s program. Professionally, I can be a better leader and a more rigorous researcher. This is an outstanding training for anyone who wants to be more self-aware and to improve their performance.

J.L.Project Lead, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2013)

Jane’s framework is helpful for me in understanding myself, allowing me to be present without reactivity. Her Personal Presence® method enables better decisions and actions. This was an outstanding learning experience.

M.B.Scientist, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2012)

I am learning how much I need to be more emotionally open and honest and that will help me become stronger, not weaker. Wow. I am noticing that my mental clarity during conflict has improved, and I’ve had a breakthrough in understanding my emotions. I appreciate and respect the insights I received from Jane. I also see the benefits unfolding among the folks in our organization, and look forward to others attending this in the future.

I.M.Director of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2012)

I have a fuller, richer experience of life when I am consciously using Jane’s Personal Presence® method. I have made a huge leap towards knowing myself and rediscovered the presence practice that opens up my heart to my mind’s scrutiny and the mirrors around me. Jane and I had a tremendous dialectic. I felt like I was engaging with a kindred spirit. Socrates would be proud of what you do, Jane.

C.V.Entrepreneur/V.P. of Business Development (2013)

Jane’s program exceeded my expectations. Her feedback throughout the first two days was insightful, honest, forthright, and helpful. Personal Presence® has given me tools I can use to be more self-directed versus reactive to people and situations. As it unfolded over the two days, the High Impact Leadership Program is very well structured, methodical, and insightful.

D.N.Scientist, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2011)

Using Personal Presence® allows people to understand and control their focus so that they listen to understand the true meaning and intent of what is being communicated. Jane knows her stuff. I learned a lot more than I expected in the two days of the class. I have picked up many tools and ideas that I plan to take home and to the office. Her feedback was immediate, honest, and valuable.

S.H.Engineering, Astronics AES (2011)

Jane’s ability to piece together information and present a clear picture was exceptional. Everyone improved over the first two days at providing constructive feedback and illustrative examples, and the results are apparent in the others I have worked with who went through Jane’s program before. I sense that my personal effectiveness will improve over time as a result.

G.S.Blue Origin, LLC (2011)

Jane’s program was an amazing experience. Had I known the intensity and focus I’d have been scared to death. Simple, direct, and impacting, it hit me at my core and I feel extremely fortunate for it. Jane could not have been more sincere and sensitive in her feedback. I recommend her program to all I know in positions of leadership as a life changing experience.


I feel that my learning experience from Jane’s program is just beginning and will go up over time. And still, I learned a lot during these two days and now am better equipped to handle adversity. Jane is amazingly intuitive; no question was ever considered ‘dumb.’ She made me feel important as a contributing member of society and capable of solving problems that arise. The skills we learned will definitely take practice, but they’re essential to more meaningful communication.


Jane’s program is different than anything I’ve been through before. The findings of personal characteristics are deeper. I now feel there is more opportunity to improve how I deal with others and with myself. It took a while to grasp Jane’s core concept and I didn’t buy into what we discovered about my core motivational patterns at first, but through exercises, feedback, and honest self-reflection, I now get it and believe it. The awareness she helped me achieve is extremely enlightening.


I came out of Jane’s program very motivated to practice new ways to communicate with friends, family, and others around me. I believe I’ve been given materials to help me improve all relationships and become a better person. Jane, you are wonderful to work with – you ‘get it’ and really helped us help ourselves.


Jane’s program was eye-opening. She touched on areas of my motivation factors that really drive me. I feel that I can really use the Personal Presence® tools personally and professionally. I developed deeper bonds with my group throughout the training. This program has been very helpful – inspirational, even.

D.B.Operations, Astronics AES (2010)

Jane is very astute and can identify your strengths and weaknesses. This training was very different than many of the previous training sessions I’ve attended. The material is presented in a way that is easily accepted. Jane provided very relatable and productive techniques. It is not easy to open up and expose yourself to a group, especially coworkers, but the environment Jane created was relaxed and safe. This is an excellent program.

D.M.Astronics AES (2009)

I identified the likely top three limiting beliefs that control my mental state and I was able to emotionally connect with a small group of peers in a fantastic environment. I think this will have lasting benefits. Jane’s feedback showed an exceptional knowledge of the subject and an exceptional capability to understand me and my questions. I haven’t taken many programs like this, so comparison is a little difficult, but I wish I had taken it so many years ago.

T.B.Blue Origin, LLC (2011)

This course has helped the team get through some roadblocks that were hindering progress. I think we are on a path to succeed as long as we can continue to have open, honest dialogues.

B.K.Senior Executive, Blue Origin, LLC (2009)

The main tool used in this program is outstanding and it really has touched me to my core. This is a life long skill. Jane is very open to questions and answering from her heart. Thank you!

J.S.V.P. of Quality, Astronics AES (2010)

This helped me to look at what drives many of my decisions and to be true to myself. The skills help me reduce stress and relax more, and provided tools to address current work issues. Jane provided insights into current work issues in an impartial manner, allowing options to be developed for our team that may not have occurred at work. The first two days set the stage, then allowed time for practice, and day three polished the approach. This program is highly recommended.

T.B.Senior Manager IT, Astronics AES (2009)

Personal Presence® can increase focus, making you more productive and valuable to your organization and company.  The ability to recognize oneself when triggered, then recover, is a great skill to have learned. I found Jane’s analysis to be right on the mark.  I felt the material Jane presented was very relevant to both my personal and professional life. Jane did an outstanding job helping me identify the areas I should focus on to improve myself. We were definitely out of our comfort zones, which meant we were learning.

J.K.Astronics AES (2009)

Jane is incredibly insightful and perceptive. Her feedback, while difficult to hear at times, was always rewarding and useful. This program has given me a rare and very useful ‘sneak peak’ into my psyche. For the first time I feel ‘in charge of the boat,’ as opposed to just a passenger.


Jane, you have a wide and eclectic knowledge base, which kept the instruction interesting and challenging. This was the right experience for me at the right time, as I was headed for some difficulties without this program. The one-on-one attention I received from Jane was very beneficial, and rare.

B.H.National Specialty Underwriters (2008)

Jane has helped me be in touch with myself. She has opened an awareness level that will enhance my ability to be a better leader. She ran an outstanding training.  I feel more connected and inspired.

T.N.Astronics AES (2007)

I am excited to apply what I have learned about myself in Jane’s program to my work and life. Her feedback throughout the training was accurate and comforting, and the feedback from my colleagues has provided clarity to me.


Jane’s Personal Presence® method will enable me to lead and communicate more effectively. This is an outstanding course. Jane’s feedback was very, very reflective and accurate. Once absorbed and understood, it all makes sense and provides a groundwork for further growth.

D.M.Director of Operations, Astronics AES (2007)

The learning experience with Jane was much more helpful than any other training program that has been offered through the company. It should be recommended for any position that has significant impact potential. Jane was very insightful and very accurate with her feedback to me.


Previously, I had attended and participated in numerous self-improvement workshops sponsored by my company. However, I did not experience anything close to what I experienced in Jane’s Personal Presence® training. I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from taking Jane’s program. It will help their career and their personal relationships too.


Jane’s program has given me the ability to see and understand why I do what I do and the tools to help me succeed. T his program and its design seemed to touch the core of each and every one of us that participated, and I felt it brought us closer together. The program taught me a lot about myself and my reactions… it was right on.

M.J.Astronics AES

I use the work I did in Jane’s training and coaching in every aspect of my life: my business career, my marriage and family, and sports performance. Even after four years, I still use this training at least once a week.

M.P.Excutive V.P., Astronics AES

Personal Presence® will allow you to stay focused on the real issue and minimize wasted time and energy. Jane’s ability to verbalize and focus on the true ‘issues’ is amazing. This is an overall outstanding program.


The program was outstanding and kept my attention; I learned a focused approach without jumping around. This class made it so simple, the program made sense, and Jane pegged me perfectly.

J.R.Manager, Astronics AES

I now have new and powerful tools to use daily to achieve more rewarding personal experiences in and out of work. The class was not long enough; the concepts are fascinating and I wanted more!

J.B.Senior Manager, ATL

We received at minimum a 100% return on our investment for the 50 leaders and managers who took the High Impact Leadership Program.

C.W.V.P. of Human Resources, Primex Aerospace

You have a very valuable program here. Anyone who is honest with themselves would get a lot out of it.

R.P.V.P. and General Manager of Solids Propellents, General Dynamics

The impact was huge for me, it was the right class at the right time. In fact, this program saved me over $100,000 due to the tool that led to a more accurate decision-making process which was uniquely relevant to me as an individual leader.

J.D.CEO (Retired), Ramgen Power Systems, Inc.

I got so much out of Jane’s training and really felt that my team did too. As always, Jane was really able to drive home some good points with me and provide a safe environment in which to do so. I leave feeling more and more confident in my abilities as a leader.


Jane’s Personal Presence® method enables me to be more attentive to and more perceptive of my coworkers, bosses, and others. The first two days with Jane were personalized and deep in insight. It was an eye-opening experience, very well managed.

G.C.Scientist, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2012)

Jane was able to describe a complex thinking system in a method that I understood and can apply to the real world. She was quick to dig deep into my belief system. I think many more people in our company could benefit from this training and introspective view of themselves.

M.H.V.P., Astronics AES (2007)

This is an excellent program if you enter the training with an open mind and willingness to learn.

J.D.Blue Origin, LLC (2012)

The training has completely refocused my life

T.R.Sales Director, WinSales

Jane’s Personal Presence® method enhances my ability to engage while showing respect to other parties involved. Jane is obviously highly skilled at facilitating this learning experience.

B.L.Quality Assurance, Astronics AES (2012)

The training was a really life-changing experience, and I think it will become even more so as time goes on. The feedback I received was very powerful, and it was very good to hear about what I can do better.

P.E.Principal Investigator, Intellectual Ventures Lab

I am a strong advocate of this program. This has enhanced both my professional and personal relationships. I took Jane’s program again recently and learned more still. I really appreciate and respect the insights gained in these sessions from Jane and my colleagues. Our team had a great dynamic and our working relationship was already strong, now it’s even stronger.

I.M.Director of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab

Jane’s Personal Presence® method has made me much more aware of when I drift away and what I need to do to reengage. Even during the class I found myself implementing these techniques with success. I received high quality feedback. I will give considerable thought to how I strive for perfection and how I can be content with moments of harmony resulting from hard work.

C.H.Blue Origin, LLC (2012)

This is a great program that digs deep enough to find the root cause of personal and professional behavior and how to best utilize the advantages they present. The quality of the feedback I received from Jane was outstanding. Jane is not only a great speaker, but also a great listener. The opinions and views I heard from the other participants helped to calibrate my self image as seen from outside. I most enjoyed the one-on-one talk and interactive discussions, which let me start thinking and rethinking my past experiences and future improvements in a new light. This is a great program and different from other trainings that simply label people based on tests.

H.H.Scientist, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2012)

During Jane’s program, I’ve learned more about myself that I can use to better myself. I was provided very useful insights, much of it was spot on and helpful in making me think more on how to improve. The tools and ideas presented seem to be very useful. I look forward to seeing how it applies back at work and home. Much of the group feedback centered around actual situations and it helped me to realize that others are seeing the same things in me. Also, knowing others are overcoming similar issues is useful in understanding the team dynamic.

K.M.Blue Origin, LLC (2012)

Jane led a very interesting procss that exceeded my expectations. It was great to get to know and really know my teammates. I look forward to living the results.

D.W.Blue Origin, LLC (2010)

I thought Jane’s program was a great experience becoming better acquainted and calibrated with my colleagues. This will help build the foundation for our working relationship.

I.M.Director of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2010)

Jane provided an outstanding learning experience, helping me understand myself and those in the group.


Jane’s skill at finding the right words or better words during her instruction and feedback is a major factor in the success of this program.


Jane’s Personal Presence® method enables improved awareness and responsiveness. She led a great experience that spoke to me personally. The framework was excellent and I learned much about myself. It was also very helpful to have the insights from my peers. I am looking forward to a deeper exploration of Jane’s concepts.

K.R.Director of Research, Intellectual Ventures Lab (2011)

Jane’s High Impact Leadership Program was excellent. It was very useful to take a step back from the day-to-day narrow focus of my job in order to reflect upon myself as a person and how I interact with others at my company. I learned a lot about how other people interact and the underlying reasons for how peoples’ backgrounds and innate personality can affect relationships in the workplace.

J.W.Blue Origin, LLC (2009)

This is an excellent program for anyone to improve their personal effectiveness. I feel more purposeful and the feedback helped me to understand how to get unstuck from some inner message.

G.K.Supply Chain Manager, Astronics AES (2009)

Jane’s leadership program is very good.  The work includes honest and constructive feedback. I think it has the potential to have an excellent impact on team dynamics as well as self-improvement.

C.R.President, National Specialty Underwriters (2008)

Jane’s Personal Presence® method helps me to be a better evaluator of the situation at hand. I’ve become a better listener, facilitator, and decision maker.

R.M.President, Blue Origin, LLC (2009)

Jane presented very innovative ideas that I found both personally enlightening and professionally useful. Her insights during one-on-one sessions were excellent.


I learned how much more enjoyable I feel when I am present than when I have checked out. It takes a whole lot more energy to be checked out than to be present. The feedback was excellent, spot on. There is a lot to take in over just two days, I feel I have new tools to deal with difficult situations.

S.A.Astronics AES

Taking the impact training for the second time a year later should be mandatory when a client signs up for the first training – that’s how much I learned the second time around.

M.P.V.P. of Electronics, Primex Aerospace

As a program manager, I am usually juggling multiple issues at one time. Practicing presence and the other tools in this program will help me ensure that I am focused on the issue at hand.

B.S.Senior Manager, Astronics AES

This program delivers an understanding of an essential element of effective communication that is critical to success. Excellent and Outstanding.

A.J.Procurement Quality Engineer, Astronics AES

I learned that by understanding yourself you can use this knowledge to become a better employee, manager, spouse, and parent. Very good communication materials were used and the contents were very enlightening. The participants were all interesting and caring people that added to the program. This is good, valuable information, that more companies should use as a tool within their organizations


When you speak to someone’s personal truth it can ground them. I learned specific reactions of mine trigger specific reactions in others. I learned how patterns of behavior in others point back to their basic limiting thoughts. The procedure for self-grounding is straightforward and built on recognition of triggers. I have improved my mental freedom and given myself new tools in this training. I have increased confidence because of a framework for operating.

K.R.Director of Research, Intellectual Ventures Lab

During this past week, I have had immediate success practicing Personal Presence®. I made a major presentation to our Senior Management Team. Prior to Jane’s program, this would have been a high stress event for me and the outcome may have had less than desirable results. However, as a result of my training with you, I felt truly empowered, relaxed, and centered during this event. Results often speak for themselves. My presentation was greeted with enthusiasm, support and with approval on a much grander scale than I ever imagined. I am truly excited about the accomplishments I know I will achieve now and in the future. I am most grateful to you for teaching me how to empower myself.

M.R.B.Senior Operations Manager, Philip Morris (1994)

This training has touched an extremely emotional side that I don’t express openly often. According to others, they are aware of this side even when I don’t try to open it up. It was nice to hear what my peers thought and to know how I appear in their eyes. I have learned how to acknowledge and embrace my limiting thoughts to re-frame any stressful situations. This program was a reminder of where my true strength comes from. Throughout, I felt understood, acknowledged, and encouraged. Knowing and understanding how Jane’s Personal Presence® method can ground everything into building positive situations and relationships will be beneficial in becoming a more present and successful person and manager. I feel this program would benefit any employee wanting to improve their personal and professional life – and not just their management.

H.M.Finance Manager, Astronics AES (2012)

This program was definitely a worthwhile investment of time which will likely contribute to my performance as an employee and leader.

J.O.Avionics, Blue Origin, LLC (2011)

Jane did a great job of presenting and teaching the material in the group setting in a fashion that allowed us to discover its meaning in our own lives.


I can see now how superior mental skills disappear when triggered states come to play. This has been eye opening, a true revelation.

D.M.Director of Operations, Astronics AES (2007)

Jane’s program was outstanding, very applicable to work and personal life. She was very knowledgeable and intuitive as a facilitator with a great ability to read people.

J.M.Moneytree, Inc. (2002)

This program is a excellent way to facilitate and initiate strategic thinking. It made me re-visit ideas and concepts and swept away a large amount of pent-up cynicism. The quality of feedback from the facilitator is eerie. Jane can read people better than anyone I’ve known. It is intuitive and revelatory and feels like stuff you always knew, and only been waiting for the proper guide.

C.M.V.P., Decipher

An excellent program that forces introspection as to the underlying forces that drive an individual’s thinking and therefore their behaviors. The concepts build on each other and you can feel the impact that presence makes during the final exercises of the program. This program can impact how people affect others to the benefit of a business.


I see how this has a very strong effect on the effectiveness of communication. It has the potential of creating more engaging and productive interactions. Though this was similar to other training I’ve had the packaging increased the effectiveness in this case. Jane picked up on my thoughts and approach very quickly. Her ability to read me well improved the effectiveness of the session. I got some very good insight and feedback from my colleagues in the training, even when I’m only in this company for two months.

P.S.Program Manager, Astronics AES

This method provides a very good baseline for leaders. The depth of exploration is just right. This training built on the spirituality I already felt. I have learned tools to relieve stress and I can help others with this. There is a depth I didn’t realize related to how loved I feel I am. My life purpose is well connected to my role at work and at home. This training enhanced what I know, and simplified what I thought was a complex piece of me.

I.C.V.P. of Human Resources, Astronics AES

The cost of not using Jane Hundley’s training and coaching in our management development would have been much higher. Our people have greater job satisfaction.

L.H.President, F2C2

Previous to this course, I reacted to people right away with my thoughts and caused a confrontation. Now I am able to pause, take a step back, and respond more effectively.

M.P.V.P. of Finance, Immunex

The participatory learning experience in this program is excellent. I only wish for more time to practice and experiment. I received very helpful and productive feedback that allowed me to rapidly change and test my performance. My peers provided very helpful additional feedback.

K.R.Director of Research, Intellectual Ventures Lab

When you are really self-aware you can tie back to your mission more easily and more quickly. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more you can share yourself with others. You become simply more human. Jane’s program is a great way to achieve movement forward in that direction.

G.D.V.P. of Engineering, Intellectual Ventures Lab

I used to spend a lot of time contradicting my true nature and natural leadership style. After this program I saw how I can just be me and that will have the greatest positive impact. Your training helped my decision-making process and made it much quicker than before. Also, my frustration level has greatly reduced due to the insights I gained about myself and the company during the training.

L.M.Senior Manager, Primex Aerospace

I think the main thing that will help me is having the confidence that comes from knowing myself better, which will help me be better at recognizing my own, as well as others’, triggers and responses so that I can deal with them more effectively. Jane is very insightful and quick to get to the heart of my issues. This is a very good program.

M.H.Quality Assurance, Astronics AES

A major insight I had during this training is I have a purpose in living that is much bigger than myself. God brought me to this training class to give me some life changing skills that will help me serve Him and others better.

K.W.Quality Assurance, Astronics AES (2009)

This program provides a powerful tool for me to express my thoughts clearly as well as break down barriers that I have created which limit my own opportunity for success ­ and I didn’t know why.

R.P.V.P. of Solids, Primex Aerospace

There is a paradox which is at the root of my behavior with dramatic implications on my personal performance. I am now able to control and utilize this paradox in achieving higher levels of personal presence and effectiveness.

B.S.V.P. of Space, Primex Aerospace

I would strongly recommend anyone who is in a mangement position or who wants to improve business communication skills to enroll in Jane’s Personal Presence® training program.

L.M.S.Costco (1992)

This program enabled me to stay focused and in more control of myself. It gave me great knowledge. Jane was never phased.

J.S.V.P. of Finance, Wizards of the Coast

Jane introduced me to lots of new ideas that appear relevant and potent. I can’t wait to practice them.


The concepts and tools in this program are undoubtedly the key to better communication and interactions. I would love my whole family to go through together as a unit.

B.S.Astronics AES

This program requires a lot of internal examination and that can be taxing on the all the energy levels. This is a very interesting method, completely focused on what I can control myself.

S.P.Blue Origin, LLC

Your training program produced powerful and positive changes in my personal life as well as professional life. Most executives would greatly benefit from having their spouses participate in this program as well.

J.D.CEO (Retired), Ramgen Power Systems, Inc.

The program increases self-awareness and understanding of others, as well as reinforcing techniques for managing stress.

M.M.Director of Engineering, Astronics AES

I think my emotions tend to get in the way of my effectiveness. What I learned here will help me use my emotions to my advantage.

M.B.Storage Manager, REI

This was a valuable program for our senior teams. I personally gleaned much from the program as well.

J.S.V.P. of Human Resources, Wizards of the Coast

The main difference between this training and other classes that try to improve your teamwork and leadership is that it helps identify the ineffective patterns that cause you the most difficulty, and provides ways to prevent going into those patterns and identifying more effective strategies. The training also makes it clear that you can make a choice to go into ineffective behavior or try to maintain ‘personal presence’ and attempt more effective interfaces with others. The most helpful thing for me personally about the training was that it provided some tools for me to deal with frustrating situations without having to try and change my base personality, or work to become someone totally different. It allows the individual to do more of the effective strategies they already do and less of the ineffective strategies. Jane also addresses how to deal with stress triggered issues, handling management relations better, and trying to have effective meetings and decision making processes. She also distinguishes between company systemic or cultural issues that my not be able to be resolved or altered by one individual. I think that Jane has a lot of experience dealing with a wide variety of companies and so has a wealth of experiences to draw upon, and could be instrumental in helping a company resolve issues that are systemic as well as work with individuals in the form of ‘coaching’ or improving their leadership and personal presence.


Both my professional and personal life have been powerfully and positively impacted by Jane’s Personal Presence® training. I have practiced law for the past nineteen years here in the Seattle area. I have learned that the key to having a successful and rewarding practice is having excellent interpersonal communication skills. My clients have to feel heard when they are relating their problems to me and I have to be completely ‘present’ when I listen to them and later, when I present their case to the court or in negotiations. Jane’s training has taught me a methodology for maintaining presence in these situations and also in my personal life. My continuing commitment to and practice of this methodology has resulted in improved relationships with clients, friends, and family. It has also resulted in improved listening skills and a better quality of life overall. I would strongly recommend Jane’s workshop to any attorney who wants to have a better rapport with and wants to improve his or her effectiveness in the representation of the client. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

W.N.E., Jr.Attorney (1997)