Assessments and Surveys

Personality Profile Tests and Free Assessments

Though we’ve found over many years that State Awareness trumps Profile Awareness, there are benefits to examination of our individual personality profile and preferences.

We use the following three personality tests to raise your Profile Awareness.

1) Myer’s Briggs: Discover and/or further explore your personality preference (i.e., INFJ, ENFP, INTP)
2) Firo-B: Learn and evaluate what you want and internally need relative to your power and authority, achievement and recognition, and inclusion, affection and sense of belonging on teams.
3) Thomas-Kilman: Clarity and confirm how your tendencies of behavior around conflict. Do you and other people understand how you typically engage in real or perceived conflict? How much do you avoid, compete, collaborate, accommodate, or compromise?

Team profiles and group assessments are also useful for discussions of organizational pain points and targeting areas for organizational leadership and workforce development.

Our Team profiles and group assessments are related to the following:

a) Organizational Climate
b) Organizational Structure
c) Team Process Maturity

Please contact us to talk about options that make sense in your situation. We are here to help. Make an appointment to talk about your interests by phone or sign up for a test administration, report and coaching consultation. You can also Leave a message for me and we’ll send you instructions for self administration of our tests. You can go ahead and Register for the tests, your personal reports, and a coaching session with Jane Hundley, M.A. as well.